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  • Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver USA rom patched for R4 and NO$GBA! 100% works!

    Partilha no teu site ou blog:

    you can get the cheat file from here:
    go at the bottom page and you can find the latest cheat files there…
    For R4i Gold latest kernels, click on this site:

    For those of you who doesn’t know how to patch or just lazy to do so, here’s the download link for both roms(don’t worry,,I patched them already.. ;p)

    Heart Gold(Patched):

    Soul Silver(Patched):

    For those who wanna do manually, download the patcher here:


    1.extract RAR file using winrar or any other programs

    2.copy/move hg/ss US rom into ASD folder

    3.move rom into patch.exe

    4.wait until a window opens saying that the rom has been patched

    5.copy (name of your game).nds and paste it into your card(don’t copy the file name with .bak)

    6.remove card and insert it into your r4 cartridge.

    7.before playing the game, make sure that you enable that blackscreen fixed cheat. the game!!!

    For the cheat file:

    1. Download the cheat file from link above

    2. Extract the rar file using WinRAR

    3. Copy or move the cheat database file directly to your mscard(not within the folders of your ms card.).

    All I know is that it can work on any r4 cards(r4, r4-sdhc,r4i-sdhc,r4i gold, etc…) but I didn’t try out acecard or any other flash cards out there…you can try it out yourselves if it works out in your cards and comment here if it works..and you can comment here if you like it or have any problems, I would appreciate it..

    For NO$GBA, use the Action Replay cheat code for no blackscreens:
    020DE16C E1A00000
    020D3FA8 E1A00000,

    020DD9E4 E1A00000
    020D3820 E1A00000

    just put it in RAW,turn it on whenever you encounter a blackscreen when loading your safe file or start up a new game, and turn it off right away when you start playing.

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