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  • Plastic Surgery Sisters: Dad Performed Our Breast Surgeries

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    Plastic Surgery Sisters: Dad Performed Our Breast Surgeries


    SISTERS Charm and Brittani Niccole have both been given boob jobs – by their plastic surgeon dad. Brittani, 25, first had breast surgery for her 18th birthday and three years later her dad gave her a new nose for her 21st birthday. Charm’s first surgery was at the tender age of ten, when dad, Michael, fixed her protruding belly button. And last month the marketing manager, 25, from Orange County, LA, had her first boob job taking her from a B to a full C. The pair also go for regular skin peels and Botox jabs from dad – and have recommended many of their friends to him for surgery.

    Videographer / Director: Rupert Thorpe
    Producer: Jack McKay
    Editor: Ben Churcher

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