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  • Physical Graffiti: Parkour Is

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    Parkour is safe… if you train hard
    Parkour is for everyone
    Parkour requires precision
    Parkour is free
    Parkour is beautiful
    Parkour is the art of movement
    Parkour is Physical Graffiti

    Please view in HQ if possible.

    Many thanks to Vorpal for his incredible music. Check him out at and

    Directing/Editing/Motion Graphics by Shahir Daud
    Shot by Richard (Rico) Humphreys

    FYI: Edited on Adobe Premiere Pro and graphics done in After Effects

    Featuring all the guys from Physical Graffiti: Le Parkour Aotearoa.

    Check out

    Thanks for all the feedback and views – very graciously accepted.

    More videos soon!

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