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  • Personal Taste Ep 16 개인의 취향: Lee Min Ho and Kae In–Kissing, Touching, Loving

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    Personal Taste Ep 16 개인의 취향: Lee Min Ho and Kae In–Kissing
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    In this clip from episode 16: Kae In tells Jin ho that she doesn’t care if he uses her, she’s gonna trust him no matter what. He leans in for a kiss in what clearly is the beginning of an adult sleepover.

    Personal Taste (개인의 취향) Starring Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ho

    Personal Taste, a thoroughly endearing comedy starring two of Korea’s brightest stars, tells a story of confused love and sexuality. After being dumped by her long-time boyfriend, Park Kae In, a furniture designer and daughter of a famous architect, is convinced she will never love again. Enter Jeon Jin Ho, a straight-laced (and straight) architect who needs to scout out her house for his latest business deal. After Kae In assumes Jin Ho is gay during an early encounter, Jin Ho capitalizes on the opportunity to pretend to be gay in order to move in with her. Once there, he gradually embarks on a mission to make over the tomboy, but in the mayhem of makeover and hiding his true orientation, he begins to fall for her. What will happen when, despite strange boundaries, these two fall for each other? Lee Min Ho (Boys Over Flowers) finally returns alongside drama staple Son Ye Jin (Summer Scent) in this quirky series.

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