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  • Perpetual Motion and Nikola Tesla (Tapping Infinite Energy)

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    Eternal Motor Has Finally Found A Home! : (Proof, Evidence)

    If you find you are having trouble pulling up then just head on over to , the old site is located there as well and here is the link for it –

    New site added, check it out if you want some pointers to developing the theory on a perpetual motion machine. Also working schematics and diagrams. : )

    Let me first say something here. This is not perpetual motion in the sense that conventional science would normally think of it. First of all, the law of conservation of energy IS NOT broke here folks and complies fully with most known laws of physics. Those laws do stay intact indeed. However one law that has been broken because of it’s age old idea that needs revision is Lenz’s law. This law has been broken on two different occasions here, so then there is NO reflection back to the source by the slowing down of the rotor, therefore dwindling the generated energy. No energy is wasted here, every single bit of it is recycled, and then some.

    Perpetual motion is found everywhere in nature, an atom with the electrons spinning in orbit around the nucleus, the earth spinning around it’s star (Our sun), and so forth. As newton put it, an object in motion, tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside source. So in this case a motor has all sorts of losses, resistive losses in the coil resistance, which is inevitable, air friction, gravity friction, and friction in the bearings and then of course bemf, which in this case has been completely eliminated and turned around to act as an advantage, not a hinderance.

    These frictions are very small losses and there is more than enough energy to compensate for the losses, therefore boosting the energy well over 100% and into over-unity ranges. The motor/generator runs at ambient temperatures, therefore is a room temperature super conductor.

    Please help with the build of a brand new motor/generator design. It is for you, and the world, our system is collapsing and has already collapsed. Oil plays a big part of the problem, it’s an age old technology, and is driven by greed, they don’t care about the little people, just their profits. The machine I am currently building will have 9 generator coils and 3 motor coils with 12 neodymium magnets spinning past 12 electromagnet coils, the motor and generator coils. The world needs it, and this is a new evolution, and a new age we are embarking on, we are shifting into new territory within our galaxy, therefore a new and better frequency, it will be glorious! And so I continue to try to make the world just a little better, will you join in the cause? Will you make the world better for yourself and everyone else?

    The Eternal Motor Handbook has arrived – An eBook that explains how to eliminate the Lenz’s Law through the use of high voltage extraction circuits. It’s an easy and smooth read that’s not too comprehensive and even a common person can understand.

    This book teaches a lenzless extraction method that involves no work at all to convert static into useable amounts of electricity resulting in more power out than in.

    The Capacitor Conundrum teaches you how to the most simplistic solid state generator type device that can achieve 125%. (Proof, Evidence)

    On the way next will be a device that can achieve 200% easily! Did you know that every single thing that uses UP power in reality doesn’t consume power at all??? This will be proven in the next eBook I will be writing after the experiments are triple checked. In that book I will show you how to run a toy motor from ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL! and how it does not actually consume electrons, but it is the magnetic field itself from the motor coils that are actually free, and contain the free energy, just like I explained on my original site, this is no joke at all. So Hold tight.

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