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  • Pendulum rolling ball clock (EN). Homemade 100% mechanical marble machine clock.

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    A homemade mechanical rolling ball clock (english, deutsche Version:
    The clock runs for 12 hours, driven by a weight of 2.5 kg sinking approx. 1 meter during that time..Every minute a marble is lifted up and goes down a marble run with three flipping traps that count marbles for minutes, five-minute-steps and hours.
    The timekeeping element is a second-pendulum with a pinwheel escapement.
    The clock achieves a drift of less than 1 second per day.

    Stereoscopic photographs of the clock on Google+:

    – Wood (mainly remains)
    – Plastic gear wheels
    – Brass wire (1.3mm, 3mm)
    – Steel wire (bicycle strokes)
    – Old flat iron

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