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  • Parahawking in Nepal – The Best of 2010/2011

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    This is a round up of some of the best moment of the 2010/2011 Parahawking season in Nepal. I really tried to make it no more than 10 minutes I promise but with so much great footage, it was hard to cut it down. I make no apologies if you think it’s still too long ;)

    Thanks to all my lovely smiling passengers, you and helping save the vultures are the reasons why we do this. I tried to get most of you in but had to be a bit ruthless otherwise it would have been 2 hours long. So if you’re not here, I apologies, maybe you’ll be in the next cut.

    If you watched it all the way through, thank you!

    Share the Sky, save the vultures!

    Ps: Lots of people asking who did the version of “Sweet Child Of Mine” at the end, it is Akasha ft. Neneh Cherry.

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