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  • Paper sizes explained | Number Hub with Matt Parker | Head Squeeze

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    Have you ever wondered why A4 is the way it is? Well Matt Parker has sorted it all out for you.

    Two A4′s side by side make an A3. Two A3′s side by side make an A2. Two A2′s together make an A1 and two A1′s together make a A0. Almost like magic isn’t it? Well it isn’t. As Matt Parker explains the A4 paper scale is based on a meter and one meter is exactly one forty millionth of the circumference of the earth.

    How does that compare to the US paper sizes? Well you have ledger which is seventeen inches by eleven inches. And then there is tabloid which is eleven inches by seventeen inches. (Are you beginning to see the similarities as well?) Then there is legal which is eight and a half inches by fourteen inches, and Junior legal which is eight inches by five inches.

    Are you metric or imperial? Let us know in the comments below!

    Or are you writing a letter to a friend with your UK or US sized paper and realise you have no one to write to? Why not check out Hannah’s Fry Number Hub on how popular you really are:

    Got a Dear John letter? Feel like you need to burn it? Have a look at James May’s video on What fire is.

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