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  • Pantanal – Parto de Juma Marruá

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    Juma gives birth to her daughter in the wilds of Pantanal.

    Long story shortened — Juma (whose birth you can see here – )and Juventino (Whose birth you can see here – ) feel in love. Despite they were born in the same place, Juventino’s mother left Pantanal when he was a baby because she didn’t want him to be raised like his father was and wanted him to be; so she takes her son to her city. Years after he returns to Pantanal as a photographer who discovers a wild flower called Juma. He suffers to conquer her, she was raised in the wild with her mother, likes simple things… but eventually they got married. Juma insisted in having her daughter like her mother bore her — in the river, so she runs away from everyone and gives birth with the help of “Velho do Rio” a mythical figure. In and emotional scene she raises her daughter to the sky and screams “It’s a gir, my baby it’s a girl!” — she always believed that her mother would come back to her somehow and she names her baby after her mother — Maria Marruá.

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