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  • Orquestra toca o Hino 64 – Cristo Luz do Mundo/ Jesus is the world’s light

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    Christian Congregation in the Brazil – Arapongas/Paraná
    64 -Jesus is the world’s light

    Where there once weeping, jubilance resounds
    In the place of grief, eternal peace abounds.
    Where the desert dryness was complete and whole
    waters came forth and brought salvation to the soul

    Jesus is the world’s Light,
    Author of ur redemption
    Blessed Lord and King

    Morning star is Jesus, He is Light Divine,
    Over all the word the Son of God did shine.
    Jesus brought with him the dawning of the day,
    Ande He announced that darkness had passed away

    Prince of peace is Jesus; He is king of kings.
    He is bread of life, and sustenance he brings.
    Jesus brought to man the kingdom from above;
    He is the One the Father promissed us, in love.

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