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  • Orient Express – Worlds of Fun – Model Roller Coaster

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    Orient Express (ACTUAL COASTER) operated at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, MO from 1980 through 2003. This model was built in February and March of 2011.

    STATS: Base Size: 10′ X 10′ Height: 29.5″ (118′ scale feet) Length: 72.5′ (3,480 scale feet)

    This is the first “Project 31, the Roller Coasters of Worlds of Fun, 1980″ model. This was a challenging model to build, and though not “exact” it is within scale feet of the actual Orient Express roller coaster and near perfect in layout and heights. It is bolted together in 5 sections so it can be transported. The track has 6 joints to connect the 5 base sections. For more information on Project 31, please see my website.

    All of these models are scratch built. They are NOT from a kit. You can NOT buy them anywhere. If you’d like to have one, you will need to build your own. Please visit my website for information on how to build your own model. I DO NOT sell any components to build the models either, but there is info on where to get the supplies at the website.

    Be sure to see my other models on my YouTube Homepage. Also be sure to visit my website, link is on my YouTube homepage. Subscribe, and thanks for watching!

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