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  • O’Reilly To Oprah: Ignore Racism, Like I Do!

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    “Bill O’Reilly opened his show Wednesday night by giving some advice to Oprah Winfrey in light of the controversy surrounding her claims of racism while visiting Switzerland. While O’Reilly defended Winfrey from critics who question the racist intent of the shop clerk who turned her away, he also told the media mogul it’s probably best for her to “ignore” racism like this in the future.

    Noting the “heat” Winfrey has received since she first spoke out about her experience, O’Reilly said her “critics are misguided.” He said, “that was Oprah’s experience and she has every right to express her opinions about it. The truth is there are racists. There are people who don’t like women holding power. There are all kinds of loons running around.”"* The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

    Read more here from Matt Wilstein / Mediate:

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