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  • One turn, two shots: Crank operated pencil shooter!

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    This is a very classic episode here at The Slingshot Channel: Time for another innovation!

    A new pencil repeater is presented, operated by two crank handles left and right of the weapon. The shooter is pressed against the chest, then the handles are turned – every half turn fires a “round”. Eight turns empty the entire 16 shot magazine…

    This has potential, as it seems easy to replace the (a bit awkward) muscle operated action by a battery powered drill. A bigger size, heavy bolts, much more rubber and draw length – are we approaching the world’s first true turret mounted full auto spear launcher?

    A new slingshot made by Nathan Masters (Simple-Shot) is also presented, plus an update on a three years old steel frame.

    A “The Slingshot Channel” production!

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