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  • One Piece in 10 Minutes [Happy Birthday to DNubsPro]

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    Ellines Nakama Productions

    I’m extremely sorry for the delay. The rendering process was absolutely horrendous. In the end I had to split it into parts and render it again so the quality will be decreased, sorry about that.

    It didn’t turn out quite as well as I hoped so I don’t blame ya if you like “…in 6 minutes” more. I ended up arbitrarily picking most of the songs towards the end there which is NOT the way you go about editing. Just the combination of uninspiring songs and the torturous rendering process has left me sort of jaded on this project. I’d like to say I would go back and make a re-mastered version, but I’ve learned that’s not the way my editing mind works. I think I’ll just stick to the good ol’ new-found inspiration that made the first one so good to me.

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