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  • OMG You will cry. break heart when see video,How very bad kidnapper do on baby monkey Amara

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    Amara is cute babtoday she go away from mother and play with best friends Charles and Emma,they play look so happy and closely,
    A young femal monkey so angry with Pigtail monkey so she catch baby Amara do very bad,
    Emma and Charles try to help but they so small they can not help only try follow,
    1:15 monkey pigtail run attack kidnapper to save Amara.
    1:48 King Balu come to bit kidnapper because they distub him,
    2:13 old monkey maybe Tomson don’t care about this he sleep look so lazy.
    2:58 Old monkey Tomsom hit kidnapper coz they distub him.Emma try to blam all kidnapper.
    3:55 King Balu angry with all kidnapper so he try to attack to make Emma nearly dangerous on the road,
    5:49 kidnapper fight to get baby Amara so make you cry when see this,
    6:30 baby Amara try until she can away from them and run so fat climb the tree.
    6:00 Amara meet pitail monkey on the tree,she look so hungry and don’t have power,

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