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  • Olivier Messiaen: Fête des belles eaux (1937)

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    Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992): Fête des belles eaux, per sestetto di Ondes Martenot (1937).

    Sextet Jeanne Loriod:

    Nelly Caron, Monique Matagne, Renée Recoussine, Karel Trow, Henriette Chanforan, Ondes Martenot

    Jeanne Loriod, Martenot solo and Musical Direction.


    The music published in our channel is exclusively dedicated to divulgation purposes and not commercial. This within a program shared to study classic educational music of the 1900′s (mostly Italian) which involves thousands of people around the world. If someone, for any reason, would deem that a video appearing in this channel violates the copyright, please inform us immediately before you submit a claim to Youtube, and it will be our care to remove immediately the video accordingly.

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