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  • Ol Boy – Fulfillment of a Dying Wish

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    Ol Boy was a stray dog who a member of the public spotted to be in distress and asked us to help him. What started out to be a routine rescue turned out to be a lesson in life and death which I will never forget.

    All sentient beings, humans and dogs alike, should be allowed to die in dignity.
    Run free, Ol Boy.

    Our Street Dogs only ask for food, water, shelter, and our companionship, yet that is not easy to come by in an urban city like Singapore where they are an eyesore and constantly persecuted.

    I am Dr Siew Tuck Wah, president of the non-profit animal welfare group, Save Our Street Dogs.
    Visit our website and facebook to learn more about our rescue work, and how you can contribute to making Singapore a better place for our street dogs.

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