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  • Oh Boys… Circumcision?

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    Knowledge is power, and when you know better, you do better. So here’s everything you did and did not want to know about circumcision! :) I honestly, truly hope I don’t come off as judgemental, because this is a very controversial and touchy subject for some people. And I apologize if I do!

    Here are the links and info as promised:

    Here re some of my favorite informative videos:

    Some good websites for general info:


    NO medical organization in the entire world recommends RIC:;103/3/686

    Circumcision rates dropping in the US:

    Brian damage:

    Foreskin Restoration:

    HIV/STD myth debunked:
    “Circumcision of infants or other minors has no place among HIV control measures…; proposals such as these should be rejected.”


    Erectile dysfunction:

    You son’s foreskin is sold for profit:

    Let me know if I ddin’t post a link to something you want to see :)

    Once again I truly just want to share my reasons and views on why I will be keeping my sons intact, and if you disagree with my view, that’s completely fine! Enjoy!

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