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  • Nuru Massage the American Way with Magic Gel

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    There are many ways to enjoy a Nuru massage, and your imagination is the limit…

    Magic Gel can be use in a regular bed setting, on the very famous inflatable Slide On Bed or in your bathtub or shower.

    First scenario – She on top of him – (In a regular bed setting)

    Get you PU sheet and place it on your bed for better slippery surface if you don’t have a PU sheet your regular sheet works just fine, as Magic Gel won’t stain any fabric.

    Then place the mixing Nuru bowl with warm water next to you, pour some Magic Gel to your liking of consistency and mix with your hands.

    Let your partner lay facing up and you will sit on top of him take the Nuru Bowl and pour it from your breast down. (this will make a sexy scene)

    Use your breast to massage your partners chest and from there start sliding down his crotch, then legs. You can use your hands, shoulders, legs and buttocks against his body.

    Flip over and hold his ankles with your hands, start massaging his feet, and work your self up to his neck (use your crotch to massage his neck). Slide back down and up.

    Do one leg first and then the other, sit on top of his calve and (use your crutch) go up his hamstrings while sitting on them bend his leg up to your breast and massage him and your self.

    Flip over again and use your butt this time to massage his neck then go down his spine all the way to his buttocks.

    Keep your Magic Gel bottle close so you can reapply as needed throughout the massage, it is important to keep warm water on the Nuru bowl so you can wet your self every now and then, and keep your bodies very slippery.

    Note: You can lick the gel but is not to be drank out of the bottle.

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