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  • Nurburgring Honda Civic VTI EG9

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    Honda Civic EG9 VTI lap on the ring.

    The lap was very messy, could be ALOT more clean. No excuses, just more practice ;)

    Had to cool the brakes and engine at the backside of the track going up Kesselchen.

    Just after the Karusell, i almost got ran off the track, by a bald older guy in a GTR who did not know the track. Had to move out of the line to make room for him, because i could see he had made up his mind, and wanted to overtake.

    The problem was that he looked like he had to much speed, so he kind of made me loose my focus for a split secound, which meant i got the right wheels in the grass.

    But it was a great day anyway :)

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