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  • Northern Lights Aurora Borealis, spectacular real time video

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    A few days prior to Valentines, multiple CME’s were ejected from the sun on a direct collision course with the Earth. They struck around lunch Sat Feb 15th. We flew to Iceland as we had seen on Space they would arrive and most likely trigger a geo magnetic storm that weekend. This is a small snap shot of what we saw staring about 2300 hrs that night.
    During a display of aurora many different patterns can occur, but according to NASA the most spectacular is the corona, it is this event you see here.
    Most “videos” of the northern lights are shot with time lapse stills. Not here, we shot real time video with Sony new full frame camera: the Sony Alpha 7 with Voigltlnader f 1.4 lens.
    For tips on how to find an film the aurora yourself watch our guide film:

    We have noticed that some monitors at our home show this is very pixilated and others show it just fine , not sure what is going on there.Just been told, put the settings to Hd (720 seems to work) and it should get rid of any pixelation.

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