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  • NO MERCY – Missing

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    The history of NO MERCY goes back to the beginning of the 1990s, when Frank Farian bumped into Marty Cintron. The New York born performer with Puerto Rican roots was noticed by the successful hit producer in a music club an Ocean Drive in Miami. The German with his sure instinct for talent was immediately impressed by Marty’s vocal and guitar playing talents. He at once invited the musician to a rehearsal in his studio in Germany. Even before Marty had fully grasped his luck, he was sitting in an airplane an his way to Frankfurt.
    Frank Farian and Marty Cintron decided to form a new band. The band’s characteristic trademark was intended to be the combination of great voices, supported by a distinctive guitar sound and the perfect presentation requirements which demand the highest possible levels of professionalism and commitment from artists.
    Marty Cintron recommended the right people, his friends, the twins Ariel and Gabriel Hernandez from Cuba, who had been living in Florida since they were eleven years old. Marty had already known them for a long time, and Gould point to their successes an the US pop scene. Ariel and Gabriel did like the idea of a band and started to work recording the first songs together with Frank Farian and Marty. NO MERCY was born.
    It didn’t take long for the Latin American trio to join the ranks of the international Pop elite. In Germany, NO MERCY had their breakthrough in 1995 with their debut single Missing. The follow up Where Do You Go by Marty, Ariel and Gabriel broke all records. The single climbed to number 3 in the German charts and sold more than 500,000 copies in only a few weeks. With top positions in the music charts worldwide, NO MERCY had arrived in the top league of international show Business in a very short period of time.

    Die Erfolgsgeschichte von No Mercy begann in einem Strandcafe in Miami/Florida. Marty Cintron arbeitete dort Alleinunterhalter und wurde eines Tages vom deutschen Erfolgsproduzenten Frank Farian entdeckt. Frank Farian war zwar im Urlaub, wollte ihn aber unbedingt unter Vertrag nehmen. Marty sagte zu, stellte aber eine Bedingung: Er wollte seine Freunde Ariel und Gabriel Hernandez mit ins Boot holen und gleich eine Band gründen. No Mercy waren geboren. Und das Trio ergänzt sich perfekt: Die Zwillinge Ariel und Gabriel aus Kuba jobbten vorher als Backgroundsänger und Showtänzer – unter anderem für Prince.
    Mit “Where Do You Go” erreichten No Mercy in den USA die Billboard-Top 5 Charts und Goldstatus, Platz zwei in UK und Platz drei der Charts in Deutschland mit Platinstatus. Weitere internationale Chartbreaker wie “When I Die” und “Please Don’t Go” folgten. Die Alben “My Promise” von 1996, und “More” von 1998 katapultierten sich ebenfalls in den Pophimmel und etablierten die Latino-Chicos weltweit.
    “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”ist der Vorbote auf das neue Album von Marty Cintron, Ariel und Gabriel Hernandez. Nach zwei Jahren Produktionszeit steht das Werk kurz vor der Fertigstellung. Es wurde in Frank Farians neuem Studio in Miami Beach produziert.

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