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  • Nirvana Medley – One Minute Mashup

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    Twitter: @chadneidt
    Instagram: chadneidt

    Thanks to Nick Gregorio for shooting this on the sick Black Magic camera!

    Chords available soon!

    Spotify playlist of Nirvana songs:

    Copyright Chad Neidt 2013

    Song List:

    1. About A Girl
    2. Love Buzz
    3. Mr. Moustache
    4. In Bloom
    5. Come As You Are
    6. Polly
    7. Lithium
    8. Smells Like Teen Spirit
    9. Drain You
    10. Been A Son
    11. Scentless Apprentice
    12. Heart-Shaped Box
    13. Dumb
    14. All Apologies
    15. Rape Me
    16. Oh Me

    Tags: “Nirvana Tribute” “Nirvana Nevermind” “MTV Unplugged” “In Utero” “Smells Like Teen Spirit” “Heart-Shaped Box” “Come As You Are” “Lithium” “About A Girl” “Rape Me” “All Apologies” “In Bloom” “Bleach” “Drain You” “Chad Neidt” “Neat” “One minute song guy”

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