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  • Nick & Gabi – 11/8/12 – Confessing Their Love!

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    Happy 47th anniversary, DAYS!

    Sami looks over a job application from Nick. She’s surprised to see it, but not as much when she realizes that she already works for another criminal: Kristen.

    Meanwhile, Nick and Gabi enjoy yet another lovemaking session in Gabi’s apartment. Nick wonders if their break is over yet (since it’s apparently happening their shifts), and Gabi just tells him that he was cute in the way he said that he was just going for a walk. It’s clear that they’re trying to keep their new relationship a secret for now. Gabi is wondering how Rafe will react to their relationship, especially knowing that she’s with an ex-con. Nick assures her that everything will be fine, and they return to making love. However, they’re interrupted by Gabi’s phone ringing. It’s Eddie, calling Gabi back from her break. She and Nick get up and get dressed, deciding to go back into the Brady Pub separately to throw off any suspicion. Nick decides to lie and say that he had a mind-blowing walk, and then asks Gabi out to dinner after their shift. Unfortunately, Gabi has to cover for one of their other coworkers, who’s taking her child to the hospital. Still, Nick gets off earlier than she does, so he’ll wait there for her.

    Gabi gets to the pub first and runs into Sami, who’s waiting to see Nick. Gabi tells her that he’ll be right down, but quickly changes her words to say that he’ll be right BACK instead. Sami notices her slip-up, though, and notices even more what’s going on between Nick and Gabi when the former enters, and the two of them keep comically running into each other while giving each other a specifc look.

    Sami realizes right away that Nick and Gabi are an item and talks to Gabi about it for confirmation. She reluctantly admits it, but begs her not to tell Rafe. Sami promises her that she will, saying that they’re not talking lately, anyway, so it’ll be easy not to tell him. Gabi’s kind of glad that someone else knows now, as it was hard keeping things secret. She’s also glad to be with an amazing guy, although Will was amazing, too. Sami then talks to Nick after Gabi gets back to work, and she’s quick to tell him that she knows all about them. She warns him not to hurt Gabi, though, or Rafe will make him pay. Nick assures her that he won’t.

    Sami then talks to Nick about his job application. He tells her that he is still interested in working for her at Countess Wilhelmina, although Kate also offered him a job at Mad World. Sami says that she will confer with someone else (Kristen), but she tells him not to accept any offers until she gets back to her. Sami then leaves, trying to reach Kristen (whom she doesn’t know is stuck on Smith Island at the Horton Cabin with John). Nick then takes the opportunity to sneak out of the pub and up to Gabi’s apartment.

    After her shift is over, Gabi returns to her apartment to see it filled with candles, and Nick naked in her bed. She asks him why he did all of this, to which he replies that he wanted to make it special. He tells her that he loves her, and she says that she feels the same way. Nick sort of pushes Gabi a bit to get her to actually say the words, and she does. She tells him that she loves him, too, and the two of them kiss and start to make love once again.

    I own none of this content. It is all the property of Days of our Lives, NBC, and Sony.


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