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  • *NEW* Dragon Ball Z Battle Of Gods Movie CONFIRMED For March 30th 2013!

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    Whos Hyped for the New DBZ Movie confirmed for 30th Of March 2013! Produced by original Creator Akira Toriyama!Lets Hope there is a Trailer out Soon! :)

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    NEW Dragon Ball Z Movie 2013 Trailer Goku Gohan Krillen Yamcha Vegta Nappa Ginyu Force Freiza Android 17 Android 18 Super Saiyan 3 Over 9000 Bardock King Vegeta Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Tenkaichi Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit Attacks Buu saga The Supreme Kais Master Roshi Tien World Martial Arts Dragon Ball AD Dragon Ball Hoshi 2013 FAKE Super saiyan 5 Xicor Trunks Goten Fusion Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks Gokus Muffin Button TeamFourStar Episode 32 Cell Saga Krillen owned Count Freezer

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