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  • Natural birth encouragement – pain and joy

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    The natural birth/water birth experience of our first baby. Read my blog about it here:

    She was born healthy at 7 lbs, 13 oz and 22 inches.

    This was filmed as a memory for Matt and I, but we also want to empower women out there who are nervous about giving birth outside of a hospital. I thought about natural birth vs epidural and watched countless videos during my pregnancy. But I decided that having a water birth at a birthing center, instead a home birth, was best for me.

    This is a collection of scenes, quotes and thoughts. I was very blessed to have amazing support throughout labor. It was the biggest challenge of my life, the greatest joy, and so worth going through it naturally. Giving birth this way is what we are designed to do.

    Thanks to the Carolina Community Maternity Center ( and our midwife Lisa Johnson. Special thanks to her assistant midwife, Suzy, you were amazing!

    The song used is called “Love Theme” and is used with permission by the artist, Peter Benisch. Thank you!


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