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  • Mystik and A1 series- Pixel graphic poi, Staff, Clubs from A Technologies

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    A1 Series used in performance Mystik by Duo Aratron Aspis.
    A1 Poi – 04:33
    A1 Clubs – 05:34
    A1 Staff – 07:22
    A1 Swing Clubs – 08:07
    A1 Graphic poi 40 – 13:45
    The great advantage of this kit is the flexibility and the possibility of setting the light effects directly to the music which you use for the performances. All the juggling equipment can be turned on at once by clicking once on the remote control. This solution allows absolute synchronization with the music and each peformer also. In this video you can see the synchronization.
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    Performer – Duo Aratron Aspis

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