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  • My First Home Built CNC Router UT2

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    This is the second video of my CNC Router. I used it to make off-set Gantry Side Supports that increased the Y axis machining length by another 10cm. It is the first real machining job I have performed with this new machine and even though it was not primarily designed for working with aluminium it did however perform superbly. My main intention for it is machining Wood and Acrylic, though now I am convinced it will be able to perform well with Aluminium for similar machining jobs to this. Now it is capable of routing Y58cm X X40cm. All the details are on my web site: Sorry there are no drawings or plans as I never created any. I just made it up in my head as I went along, just a few meaningless very rough sketches that now bear little resemblance to the finished product so would be of no use.

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