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    I achieved those results through Freeletics. You can have a look at their website at There should also be coming an app soon as far as I know.

    Just to avoid misunderstandings, Freeletics is not a 15 weeks program or the like. I still train it and will do so in the future. We just thought that an intense training phase over the summer would make a good start. And hell, it surly was a good start :D

    Still, nutrition was one half of the deal. I ate like a maniac. :))
    Lots of carbs, protein and good fats. Like low fat curd, cottage cheese, poultry, eggs, brown rice, potatoes, whole oats, peanut butter and the like. And lots of veggies and fruits of course. I tried to keep it well balanced and fresh; as simple as possible, though.

    I will always try to get back to you if you have questions. But it may take me some time every now and then.

    Believe in yourself, dare to think big and make dreams happen!

    Background Music – great song!
    Transformers: The Score – Arrival To Earth by Steve Jablonsky

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