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  • Muscovy Ducks: Forced Mating @ Zenxin Organic Park

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    Video shows how 2 male domesticated Muscovy Ducks (Cairina moschata) forced themselves onto a non-consenting female Muscovy — ie. duck rape.

    The first drake was scared away by a more dominant drake, which then succeeded in forcibly penetrating the female duck after several seconds of mutual struggling. Footage was shot at Zenxin Organic Park (Kluang, Johor, Peninsular Malaysia) in the early afternoon of 23 Oct 2011.

    The long, flexible, corkscrew-shaped Muscovy penis can be seen swinging behind the drake’s legs, after it dismounted from the yelping female (see video’s 2:30min onwards). To discourage forced penetration by aggressive males, the female oviduct is also corkscrew-shaped, but spiralling in the opposite direction, so as to make it mechanically difficult for full eversion of the male duck’s penis into the oviduct.

    Below is anthonyt844′s video of a Muscovy drake with its fully-everted penis, after it completed forced copulation with a female Muscovy:
    ‘Duck Penis’:

    And AnimalLoverGirl885′s video of a significantly more cordial session where the female duck was obviously receptive: Muscovy Ducks Mating – Donald & Sweetie:

    More info:-
    1) How One Odd Duck Says ‘No’ to Sex: Research suggests duck’s vaginal shape can impede copulation with males (LiveScience – 23 Dec 09):

    2) Explosive Eversion & Functional Morphology of the Duck Penis Supports Sexual Conflict in Waterfowl Genitalia (Proceedings of the Royal Society Biological Sciences – 23 Dec 09, doi: 10.1098/rspb.2009.2139):

    3) Muscovy Duck (Wikipedia):

    * Phylum: Chordata
    * Family: Anatidae
    * Genus: Cairina
    * Species: Cairina moschata (domestic breed)

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