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  • Movie 《BEYOND DESTINY》 (Full DVD) English Subtitle 《前生缘》大陸禁片

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    大陸禁片 前生缘 Movie BEYOND DESTINY (Full DVD with 1hr33m) English Subtitle

    Foreign Titles
    ENGLISH Beyond Destiny
    FRENCH Au-delà de Destiny
    Chinese 前生缘

    Director: Hong Yu
    Writer: Hong Yu
    Lead Actor: Ray Yuan, Cheng Li, Anastasia Lin

    Medium Synopsis
    In the thirties and forties of last century, Lili and Qiang were a couple, who deeply loved each other. Since Qiang’s parents were against them, they could not stay together. Soon Lili suffered from some illness, and was dying. Before Lili passed away, Qiang cut a mark on his arm, promising with Lili to come and meet each other in their next life. Soon after Lili died, Qiang also died in sadness.

    Dozens of years later in modern China, Lili came to this human world with the memory of previous life. She has one only goal in this life: that is to look for Qiang so as to continue their previous predestined relationship. After Lili grows up, she looks consistently for Qiang. By an accidental chance, Lili eventually finds Qiang. However Qiang completely forgets about Lili, also completely forgets about what had happened.

    The appearance of Lili disturbs Qiang’s life. As a result, Qiang is very mad with Lili. However Lili just doesn’t give up. She still tries hard to waken up Qiang’s memory. But Qiang disappoints Lili each and every time. Lili is in great despairs. She finally sees through all the uncertainty of life. When Lili feels no hope in her life, an enlightened master appears in front of her, directing her to find the real path of life. Lili eventually understands that human beings can hardly change their lives. The only way out is to return to one’s true self.






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