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  • Mondo Squallido Ep 49: In The Heat Of The Hole a.k.a No Calor Do Buraco (1985, dir Sady Baby)

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    For today’s episode we are going to Brazil in the mid 80′s. Here is my first experience with Brazil’s Boca Do Liixo (The Mouth Of Garbage) film movement. Think of 42nd Street but the woman are filthier, the pimps are tougher and it’s an everything goes affair. I know I make reference to Coffin Joe but he was the first person to legally produce a bestiality picture. Anyway, Sady Baby is one of the big players in this dispicable movement (I mean that in the greatest possible way!) and here is a classic example of the genre. Just because it’s crusty and full of disease doesn’t always mean it’s interesting right? Will today’s episode live up to it’s filthy reputation? Get your jabs, wear a condom and pop a pill, it’s time to dive head first in between the hairy legs of Brazil’s cult film history!


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