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  • Miley Cyrus returns to show no panties

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    The press has once again catching Miley Cyrus without panties, do you have forgotten to put them? We do not know if it’s an oversight on their part or is he enjoying it for public display, Miley, you’re becoming quite a tease!

    The actress and singer was caught leaving the gym I usually go in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, where he attends on a regular pilates classes. Miley is totally hooked to the sport and it shows with the toned figure that looks lately. But it seems there is not enough with it, and teaches us to what is not supposed to see!

    Upon leaving the gym, with a black mini-dress, the singer found himself completely surrounded by photographers who did not stop atosigarla since crossed the door until it got in the car. Before sitting inside an opportunistic paparazzi caught the moment when the actress separates legs to get into exposing her private parts.

    The curious thing is that was completely shaved, Too much chance? Apparently he is taking a taste to exhibitionism, where is this lovely little girl who was the delight of half the world in the Disney factory?

    Like other celebrities like Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton, the former Hannah Montana has signed up to go shopping around and teach what I can. As we know, last January was hunted without bra in the middle of the street, not to mention the nipple that got away on a stage!

    Is Miley becoming an exhibitionist? It would not surprise me to see her in a nude beach or posing in a magazine for men, apparently the girl likes to show. What do you think, neglect or intentional?

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