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  • Midgets Vs. Mascots (6/10) Movie CLIP – Door-to-Door Sales (2009) HD

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    Midgets Vs. Mascots Movie Clip – watch all clips
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    The midgets are given ladders and the mascots receive t-shirt guns in a contest to see who can sell the most items.

    TM & © Millennium Entertainment (2012)
    Cast: Gary Coleman, Akie Kotabe, Mark Hapka, Brittney Powell, Colin Moult, Bob Bledsoe, Joe Gnoffo, Josh Sussman, Richard Trapp, P.J. Marino, Terra Jole, Steve Krieger
    Director: Ron Carlson
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    Producer: Brad Keller, Terry Mann, Joey Stewart
    Screenwriter: Kevin Andounian
    Film Description: His ungrateful preppy son competing against his unfaithful, gold-digging wife for his sizable fortune, a deceased mascot turned porn mogul pits the sniveling pair against one another by having them coach competing teams of midgets and mascots in this comedy starring Gary Coleman. As the competition gets underway, the little people discover that size doesn’t always matter while their cartoonish counterparts attempt to stay sober long enough to take the top prize.

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