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  • Michael Jordan Dunk at age 50

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    Please Note: This video footage is ORIGINAL COPY and we believe we’re the only one ever captured this awesome moment of Michael Jordan dunking at age 50!

    Jordan Miles Roman attended Michael Jordan Flight School 2013 Session 2, 6-10 Aug. Held at Thunderdome Event Center, UCSB (Santa Barbara California)
    Day 3 – Lecture with Michael Jordan about shooting kind of ‘around the world’ stuff and some competition. Before the lecture session begins Michael Jordan plays around with kids while other players from different age group camps to come. And all of us (parents, relatives, spectators) were sitting on the spectators area, all are excited to see his airness. then to our surprise, showed us something awesome! At age 50, Michael Jordan dunk and all the kids there were excited and impressed…Michael Jordan can still dunk at 50! He is still awesome! :D

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