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  • Mew Mew Power (Portugal) Episode 3/2: Part 2

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    This is the second part of Episode 3 of Tokyo Mew Mew in European Portuguese. Since this was dubbed from the English version, the show is called Mew Mew Power.
    In chronological order this is the 2nd episode but since 4Kids made episode 12 into episode 1, it made this the 3rd episode. The episodes stay out of order until episode 13.

    Zoey, while walking home, gets licked by a dog who belongs to a rich, snobby girl named Corina who ends up insulting her. The next night, Mini-Mew detects a Predasite that coincidentally is located at Corina’s house. But Zoey, not being a master of stealth, gets yelled at by Corina and insulted again.

    The Portugal version keeps the English background music so the music score is completely different from the Japanese version. All songs are kept in English.

    The names are also all changed in the MMP dub and this version keeps the English names which are:

    Ichigo Momomiya – Zoey Hanson
    Minto Aizawa – Corina Bucksworth
    Masaya Aoyama – Mark
    Ryou Shirogane – Elliot Grant
    Keiichiro Akasaka – Wesley J. Coolridge III


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