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  • Metronomy “Hypnose” Official Video – Late Night Tales

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    Late Night Tales is very proud to present Metronomy’s cover of Hypnose, Jean Michel Jarre’s classic ambient work. Recreating material of such high calibre was an exciting challenge for the band and they have executed the cover with style. The album features tracks from a diverse range of artists including Outkast, Chick Corea, Tweet and Autechre. Metronomy have made some great selections and the album is out now.

    Director: Daniel Brereton
    Producer: Drew O’Neill
    DOP: Arthur Loveday
    Production Manager: Maria Cecilia
    Production Assistant: Lara Lanlan
    Editor: Kelly Armstrong
    Colourist: Daniel Gill (The Farm Group)
    Production company: Bullion Productions

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