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  • mentos and cola get the effect of boiling (Edible / can eat)

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    (1) It is edible. I used soda & mentos to make it look like the noodles were boiling.
    (2) I used the Konapun kitchen to make popin cookin ramen shaped candy. The Konapun kitchen does not work with actual heat.
    Konapun video:
    (3) 0:37 popin cookin Ramen Set.
    (4) 1:32 The panda shaped naruto is edible.
    (5) 1:43 Okonomiyaki sauce.
    (6) I ate the mentos & noodle candy and drank cola after filming. The mentos got tough from soaking in soda, but it still tasted good. The noodles didn’t taste different after I “boiled” them.


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