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  • Mean Boyz by Todrick Hall

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    Mean Boyz by Todrick Hall

    To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of one of my favorite movies, I created this FABULOUS version of this iconic chick flick! Thank you to everyone involved for making this possible.

    To win the autographed Shade book and Reggie George’s fierce phone cover, just leave a comment on my Instagram (@toddyrockstar) photo holding the props! The two funniest comments win, good luck and thanks for watching

    Todrick Hall (@toddyrockstar)
    Colby Melvin (@colbymelvin)
    Chris Crocker (insta: @itschriscrocker | twitter: @chriscrocker)
    Kory De Soto (insta: @thekorsoto | twitter @korsoto)
    Willam Belli (
    Chester Lockhart (@chesterlockhart)
    Carlie Craig (@carlie_craig)
    Davis Rahal (@davisrahal)
    Kashuna Perfected (@kashunaperfected)
    Shawn Adeli (@shawnadeli)
    ThurZday Lyons (@its_thurzday)

    Featuring “That Christmas Song” ( and “Boy is a Bottom” ( by DWV.

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