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  • Mass slaughter of animals in Sweden (part 1)

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    This is what Swedish politicians call the best animal protection in the world.
    Mass extinction of animals and farmers by the Swedish authorities.

    After a incorrectly decision by the unauthorized employees , these butchers and the police turns up at the farm and start slaughtering the poor animals. This is done against the law.

    It is horrible that the Swedish Authority employed and unauthorized employees take the decision of euthanize perfectly well cared and healthy animals without any right in making such decision.

    This is animal cruelty, by the hand of the Swedish authorities.
    This is a violation against the farmer who has been wrongly accused of not taken care of his animals. The Swedish authorities rejected the obvious proof that was given by document and proof that also could be seen with open eyes.

    This is the beginning of the horrible slaughter on the farm in Resele, Sweden.
    These so called professional butchers did a lousy work. The authorities wrote in public mail and papers that they thought this was a well done work and that they was not sorry for have made this decision of slaughtering healthy and well cared animals.

    The farmer himself is upset and helpless and incapable to do something against this horrible and crazy decision by the authorities.

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