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  • Mars One Way

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    There were 200,000 people who applied to participate in a project called Mars One. It’s a private enterprise to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars and film a reality show along the way. The idea is to go in crews of four starting in 2024. The thing is, right now the technology can only get them there. “Mars One Way” documents the thoughts and theories of Five hopeful Mars One astronauts as they contemplate the reality of leaving planet Earth forever, for a new home on Mars.

    Cast in order of appearance: Cody Reeder, Casey Hunter, Will Robbins, Katelyn “Kitty” Kane, Ken Sullivan, Becky Sullivan, Calvin Juárez
    Directed by: Skylar Nielsen
    Interview: Doug Fabrizio
    Produced: Elaine Clark, Doug Fabrizio, Skylar Nielsen
    Director of Photography: Ian Rigby
    Cinematography: Josh Fletcher
    Editing: Catura Jenson
    Sound: Marcus MacDonald

    A Vita Brevis Films Production in association with Video West.

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    Music:God is an Astronaut: All is Violent All is Bright
    This will Destroy You: They Move On Tracks of Never-Ending Light
    God is an Astronaut: Frozen Twilight

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