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  • Marganski Myslowski EM-10 Bielik Jet

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    Started 1995 as private venture under project name skra II jet training with an engine thrust of 1,300 – 1,500 kg (Prototipe used the General Electric CJ-610 – 1300 K.) but renamed Bielik (a native Polish eagle) after press competition before public debut third quarter 2001 at exhibitions in Katowice and Radom. First flight (prototype SP-YEM) was then anticipated before end of 2001, but delayed by engine installation problems. Transported to Mielec for pre-flight preparation and tests in November 2002; first flight deferred until end of Polish winter; achieved 4 June 2003. Gradual development continuing, but at slow pace, with priority currently being given to Orka programme.

    This 2-seat, all-composite, light jet training aircraft, planned in 2 following version. Version A: Primary and advanced military trainer, “flying simulator”, carrier of the combat applications electronic simulation system. Version B: General aviation aircraft for primary-, and advanced training, aerobatics included;
    air-taxi for medium range, high-speed, point-to point cruise.

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