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  • Man Eaten by Giant Snake

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    Can a man be eaten by a giant snake? Are these man-eating snake tales real or false? Reticulated pythons and green anacondas are huge indeed, growing over 20 feet long, but most of the stories you hear of humans being swallowed and eaten by massive snakes are urban legends.

    Recently there have been many stories about people being swallowed by giant man eating snakes however many of these tales often lack any real credibility. The most popular story going around is about a security guard being found inside of a giant 49-ft python.

    This claim is false. First you see this picture which is actually of an African Rock Python that was caught in an electric fence in Limpopo Province, South Africa. Someone photo-shopped a security guard into this picture.

    In addition to this story, a picture of a 49-ft python in Indonesia is shown, which was captured and put into captivity. But after further research, it is revealed the this snake is actually less than 32 feet.

    One story, however, that actually does have real credibility is that of the 10 year old South African boy who was attacked, swallowed and eaten by a very large African Rock Python in 2002. There are multiple links backing up this incident below. The basis of the story was there were several kids playing in a field outside of Durban when one of them was attacked by a giant snake.

    The other kids climbed in a tree to hid while for 3 hours they watched as the 10 year old boy was devoured and eaten by the big snake. Once the snake finished eating the boy, it slithered away and the kids were able to escape and find help.

    And finally, there was another case documented where a Brazilian man arrived just in time to see a giant python swallowing his grandson head first and was able to save him. The link to that YouTube video is below.

    8-year old boy saved — Almost swallowed by Giant Snake

    Hunt for giant snake that ate 10-year-old Durban boy whole (Article)

    World’s Largest Snake 49-ft reticulated python is FALSE…

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