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  • Making of SOUR “Life is Music” Phenakistoscope Music Video

    Partilha no teu site ou blog: | SOURの新曲『Life is Music』ミュージックビデオのメイキング映像。フェナキストスコープのテストから、アニメーションの制作、盤面へのレイアウト、ロトスコープ、そして撮影の流れをご覧いただけます。実際のビデオはこちらでご覧いただけます!


    This is the making of SOUR’s ‘Life is Music’ music video. Here you can see the early Phenakistoscope tests, animation development, disc designs, rotoscope of the band member, and the filming of the video. You can see the finished music video here:
    These CDs used in the video are sold on as numbered limited edition art discs.

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