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  • Make A Meat Cleaver

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    Making a cleaver from a worn out 10″ saw blade.
    Safety Stuff:
    -Brief welding without gloves will not flash burn your skin and give you skin cancer.
    -NEVER wear gloves while operating cutting, drilling and belt driven machines – the glove can be pulled in and you will end up with a much more severe injury as a result. If your skin is too tender for this work, take up knitting instead.
    -The steel used in this project is perfectly suitable for this use. It is not contaminated and will not give you cancer.
    -Hot water and soap to wash, dry thoroughly with a towel and coat with oil will clean and prevent the blade from rusting. Rust is not toxic.
    -This is not a “How To” video. It is a look at how I made this cleaver, for my own use. View this as entertainment.

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