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  • Magnetic Kiss Countdown – With Commentary! Part 1!

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    Magnetic Kiss Countdown! Part 1!

    Here it is! The Kiss Countdown with commentary by 3 of Tokyo’s funniest people! Spring Day! Cloudy Bongwater! Traci Consoli! All together to bring you the hottest kisses from the Metropolis Glitterball as well commentary and insight into what makes the kisses so magical (so not…)

    Director – Kamasami Kong
    Cast – Spring Day, and Cloudy Bongwater (from the Tokyo Comedy Store) Plus, Traci Consoli (of the Pink Cow, Tokyo)
    Produced By: MetMedia, a division of Metropolis magazine
    Original music by: Kamasami Kong
    Cinematography – Mario Castro, Jesse Koester
    Video Editing – Mario Castro
    Casting of Play-by-Play Crew – Kamasami Kong
    Location of Kissing Contest – Alife
    MC’s for Alife Event – Sarah Cortina and Chinatsu Suzuki
    Event Coordinator – Chinatsu Suzuki for Metropolis Events
    Location for Play-by-Play – Pink Cow (courtesy of Traci Consoli)
    Set Decoration – Traci Consoli
    Sound – Jesse Koester

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