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  • Luigi the Prankster

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    Luigi’s feeling mischievous! He’s off to pull a few pranks, but perhaps he has chosen the wrong people… does anything ever go well for Luigi?
    ********************ANY QUESTIONS? SEE BELOW********************

    This is the sequel to Bowser’s Mushroom Factory, so make sure you see it first: or for the full playlist of videos, see

    Q. Where did you get your [...] plush?
    A. I recommend searching eBay – you’ll find pretty much ANY of them there.

    Q. Where do you get the sounds/music?
    A. They are taken from a variety of Mario games. Sounds can be found at sites such as, and music through Google searches.

    This is filled with references to great Mario games, just like BMF. Here’s the music list for you:
    0:01, 9:10, 9:53 Super Paper Mario – Mr L’s theme
    0:15 Paper Mario – Koopa Village
    0:27 Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time – Hollijolli Village
    1:01 New Super Mario Bros Wii – Peach’s Castle (originally from SM64)
    1:45 Mario Kart Wii – Wario’s Gold Mine
    2:14 Paper Mario – Gates of Goomba Castle
    3:12 Paper Mario – Goomba Village
    3:47 Super Mario Galaxy – Teresa Waltz
    4:57 Super Mario Galaxy – Ball Rolling
    5:22 Paper Mario – Siege on Bowser’s Castle
    6:41 Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Flash Black Galaxy (version of SMB underground theme)
    7:50 Super Mario Galaxy – Battle for the Grand Star
    8:32 Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Battle Theme 2
    Mario music mostly by Koji Kondo. SMG and SMG2 music by Mahito Yokota.

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