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  • Luffy meets Hancock-Luffy vs Boas AMV

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    My first AMV, and obviously not the best you’ve ever seen. I wasn’t planing on making it like this(length and music cover), it was a sudden change of plans. I still hope you like it, cuz I put a lot of work on it. Also due to some accidents I lost my data twice and I had to remake it three times! So, enjoy an d let me know if you like it in the comments.

    Sences have been taken from episodes 411-414!!!

    BTW, I don’t own the copyrights for One Piece nor any of the characters. All copyrights are reserved by Funimation and Toei Animation.

    Music used:

    Intro –

    Dope/ Die Motherfucker, Die –

    Dark Tranquility/ White Noise/Black Silence –

    Lupe Fiasco/ Solar Midnight –

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