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  • Love Game Rosario + Vampire – for LittlebunnyakaPgymyPuff

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    This song got on my nerves, the whole video was going to be some epic cool video but I got lazy! Yeah I suck! I was going to use the whole song and everything but in the end I just thought before I throw my computer screen across the room I should stop!

    This is just a little bit of fun! I have yet to really watch this anime (It takes me a while to watch animes on my computer because watching them on my computer annoys me xD) I only made this for a good friend Jo!

    Song: Love Games – Lady Gaga
    Fandom: Rosario + Vampire
    Programe used Sony Vegas Pro 8
    Dedication LittleBunnyakaPgymyPuff: Jo ahhhhhhhhh this girl is amazing! I have been wanting to make her a video for ages but never really was inspired until listening to this song! She is so sweet & kind and such an awesome vidder! Gah I love her I really do! =]
    & A BIG HUDGE MASSIVE thank you to Lauren for been a Beta tester for me, evenlow she isn’t an anime fan! =] You rock hunny.

    Disclaimer: I do not own anything I use in my videos, it is all copyright to the rightful owner. I am only making them for my enjoyment and I am not making any money from doing so.

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