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  • London Heathrow Approach Time-Lapse B747, A340, B777 …

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    This is my first video from London Heathrow. This video shows how short the distances between approaching planes at LHR are. Thanks for watching and I hope you like it.
    Canon 5dII + Canon 100-400 + 2x converter

    Music: by Kevin MacLeod

    Song Name: Lone Harvest by Kevin MacLeod

    Very hard Landing of a Boeing 747 at Düsseldorf:

    Crosswind Landing of a russian Ilyushin IL-76

    Crazy Condor Boeing 757-300 Landing:

    Very late go around of a Boeing 737 of Air Berlin:

    Boeing 747 losing Fuel at Düsseldorf:

    Severe thunderstorm Arrival of an Air China Airbus A330-200 at Düsseldorf

    The bulldozer: Antonov AN-124 head-on view

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